Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Burnt Up

Our son loves to go see the burnt farm truck.  It amazes him that something that was once shiny and functioning is now a rusting, burnt up shell.  He can see the transformation from running truck to burnt up wreck and it just amazes him.  Glass strong enough to be part of a protection system melted and draped like a frozen waterfall.  Tires, belted with steel, melted down to a tangle of wires.  They once made travel possible and now they rest on useless rims in a muddy part of the field.

That truck does something else for me.  I see it a bit differently.  I see what it was. I see what it is. I imagine what it will become.

In winter there will be animals sheltering there, out of the wind and storms.

In spring the waters will rise and plants will grow.  Things will cover and consume it.  It will sink down into the ground.  Eventually it will be more wild than man-made.  More animal shelter than not.

Summer's heat will make it a great place for things to grow.  Up through the frame and cab.  Plants and animals will create a home.  The roof will be invisible through the cat tails.

In fall seeds will be trapped, they will find new soil, and in spring will sprout and grow.

In time there won't be much left to see of that truck.  However it will still be there!  It will be able to snag a  harrow or seeder.  It will not totally disappear into the soil.

I find my healing journey is much like that old truck.  We ran, we burned up and now we are becoming something new.  The old frame is still there.  Shards of glass and metal, wounds and scars, remain. But they are hidden under new growth, new life.

That's how it should be.  We aren't meant to remain barren, bleeding and scarred forever!  Healing doesn't take anything away but it does transform it.  If we leave it alone, if we tend it and love it, then something amazing can come out of it.

I'm ready for amazing!  Are you?


  1. What a great post! Very beautifully written1

  2. Thank Veronica, and thank you for coming by and leaving some love!

  3. Shanyn, I love your way with words, the way that you paint pictures in my mind with your words.