Friday, June 1, 2012

Shake it off...

I keep diving in. Conversations. Wishes. Dreams.
Seeking your notice. Your approval. 

Your interest.  

I can't help but wonder why I seek this?

It only hurts me. Even when I keep my
Expectations so low that your being
conscious is a victory.

I'm up to my neck in wanting you to care.

I think it is time to shake it off!

I think I am done actively trying.

Done with the wanting, the wishing.
I'm done hoping too.

It is time to shake it off.  Shake you off.
Like water.
Like dust.
Like dried blood and dreams.

Time to leave you with the echoes of my prayers.
And your own selfish ways.
Your desire to be important
has robbed you of being
included in our lives.

And you don't even notice.
And you don't care.
Maybe someday.
Or maybe not.
You choose
not me.

Copyright 2012, Shanyn Silinski