Monday, May 16, 2011

Missed Me

In your hurry to layout your conditions and rules you missed me.
In your rush to forget what happened you missed me.
In your desire to be right and powerful  you missed me.

You missed my healing and you  missed my faith renewed.
You missed chances to laugh and chances to bind wounds together.

In your need to control the spin and the image you missed me.
In your urge to always be right you missed me.
In your quick to layout the list of wrongs you missed me.

You missed the words of love and you  missed my longing for reconciliation.
You missed a chance to choose differently and you missed me.

In your wish to be seeing as right you missed me.
In declaring your status of being wronged you missed me.
In deciding to turn away and walk away you missed me.

You missed laugher and joy.  
You missed flowers and bird song.
You missed finding who we could have been.

When you made it about you you missed me.
When you had to be setting the rules you missed me.
When you forgot that love is the greatest gift you missed me.

I'm not going to miss a moment of joy, laughter, sunshine, tears, fears or celebration because of that.  I'm not missing my healing and redeemed life.  I'm celebrating it!  


    This is SO great, really really amazing. I am blessed to have read it!
    Hugs, Darlene

  2. Thank you Darlene! Hugs and love...

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with Darlene. I wouldn't have missed it or you for anything. You deserve everything good in life. It is their loss. Sadly, they won't know what they are missing. You could have brought such love and light into their lives and they will never know it. You bring that same love and light into the lives of yourself, your husband and son and to those of us who are blessed enough to call you friend.

  4. Patricia, thank you for your loving words. You are a blessing to me and brought me to a better place with your encouragement and love sister.

  5. Very touching really hit home.