Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leave It Alone

Leave it Alone

Leave it well enough alone.
Don't talk about it.
Don't embarrass us.
Don't cry, or I'll give you
something to cry about.

Who do you think you are?
Stirring things up.
Trouble maker.
Don't look at me that way.
Don't talk, or you'll be
sorry you said anything.

No one will believe you.
It was a compliment.
It doesn't happen to good girls,
so why did it happen to you?
I told you so.
Don't look at me that way,
or I'll make you sorry.

Why can't you just get along?
Leave it well enough alone.
Don't stir things up.
Don't cause a fuss.
That's how it is,
nothing you can do about it.

It's in the past, long gone.
Let it go. Forget it.
You don't remember.
You got it wrong.
You are a liar. 
We know what is best,
and you don't.

Echoes in my head.
Burning my ears.
Cheeks red from shame.
Eyes swollen from crying.
Stomach aches.
Arms twitch.

I pray. I cry. I am healing.
Learning to laugh.
Learning to play.
Learning it is okay to be wrong.
Learning it is okay to be.

Undoing the twisted mess.
Finding knots with no ends.
Finding truths in the lies.
Finding me in the mess.
Finding me.

Respect doesn't come
to a raised fist.
Love doesn't come
to an angry heart.
Trust doesn't come
to a betraying spirit.

Healing comes to wounds
when hearts come out of hiding.
Hearts come out when
they find a safe place.
Everyone needs a safe place.
Not everyone does.


  1. Shanyn, I don't have your way with poetry. You say so much that I have felt. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Patricia for your encouragement and friendship.

  3. A beautiful, moving poem, Shanyn-- piercing. xxxj

  4. Thank you Jen, and thank you for coming by.

  5. You have such very beautiful poetry...the pictures you paint with your words pulls the reader into your heart from where all your poetry comes.. joy