Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More than porch lights

This is not about Caylee alone, this is about all who are lost to abuse, all who are hiding in abuse and for all those who are struggling through to a healing path.  It is for those on the healing path.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if porch lights could talk?  Wouldn't it be wonderful if porch lights could tell what goes on behind their windows or those of their neighbors?  It would be wonderful but it isn't their job! 

It is our job!  We all know that there is always someone who knows.  Someone is able to speak up. Someone is safely capable of speaking up.  You know who they are, they are almost always on the news saying, I knew something bad was going to happen. or I am not surprised!  Of course you knew! Of course you are not surprised.  You knew!

So many of my friends are sharing about this lost child, and putting on their porch lights in her memory.  How sad I am that I wish we didn't have to!    Imperfect system that we have, even children in care are abused and many die.  Many escape one horror only to be stuffed into another.   

I worked in that world.  I know a bit of how things happen.  But I will never believe that they have to, that there isn't another way.  I believe that children can have a childhood.  I believe we can do this because if we care enough to light up the night for a lost one, if we can fire up with networks with our outrage, we can change the world with love.

What if someone had spoken up for you or what if someone had noticed your hurt?  That would have changed your world.

Turn on your porch lights and please remember it's not just one we've lost, but one too many and there are more in danger right now!  And someone knows.  Someone is speaking and not being heard. Someone is choosing silence.  What are you choosing?

We need more, we have the power of an enormous nation at our status updating, liking and sharing finger tips.  We can do more because we are more! 


  1. Like you, I choose to speak up about child abuse. When enough of us speak up and say, Enough children have been hurt or died from child abuse, we will finally stop it from happening again.

  2. Thank you Patricia, your voice is one that I hope is heard by many!

  3. Your passion is showing Shanyn:) Advocacy becomes our purpose as we make meaning of our pain. Somehow I believe there is a way to create this change and empower folks to be the change in their own communities. Thanks for adding your voice to the chorus:)

  4. Thank you for posting this...it is very well said! Justice will be served in the end. I just wish that woman would not be roaming the streets. No one spoke up for me but I am speaking up now. It is never too late.
    Take care.

  5. Susan, you are right! My passion is showing, my advocate voice is growing stronger and a bit braver. It's too late to shut me up now! :-) Thanks for being another voice which makes us too loud to ignore.

    Thanks Interruption for being here, I too wish she was not roaming the streets but hopefully people will stop focusing on her and focus on the children we can help instead. No one spoke up for me either, they were too easily silenced and convinced to not believe me. It's not too late to find our voices.