Thursday, March 3, 2011

You Talking to Me?

My son made this and I love it - 
a gun toting, keyboard playing snowman with a classy lid and a perky nose.  
This is my guy saying, "You talking to me?"

Recently I was accused of placing labels and blame on people.  I hadn't really thought I was as I was focused on my healing journey, being responsible for my healing.  Is that so very strange a concept?  How you feel about your own actions or inactions is entirely yours.  Your response, your feelings, your stuff.  Not mine, even if we were crossing paths, this is MY HEALING JOURNEY.

I'm willing to share the road and even break bread together or share.  But what I will not do is stop healing.  I will not stop speaking out against abuse and against those who choose silence.

If you feel that I should be silent you need to understand that I cannot be silent anymore.  I cannot carry blame or shame that is not mine.  I cannot be afraid of what I cannot be.  I can only move forward, move through the hurt to the healing, and find my way.

Before you question my healing path, may I suggest you consider your own?  Where you are, right now, has to be the most important thing for you.  Not for me, it is  your path not mine.

Before you question my path maybe you should examine your own.


  1. YES!! Claim your path and do not allow ANYONE to get you off YOUR way to healing! Speak on my friend...your healing is the proof that what you are doing for you is working!

    There are people who would like to quiet you because if you get healed...they might have to find their own path to can be frighting!
    Proud of you and LOVE your son's ART! (:

  2. I agree with what Wanda says in her comment. The time of silence is past. Speak your truth. Others will either follow or get out of your way. Those who want you to be silent usually aren't wanting to do their own healing. That is why your healing disturbs them so much.

  3. Thank you Wanda! I needed to say this, to affirm that I won't abandon my healing because this is what I need.

    Thank you Patricia - I like how you said that 'follow or get out of your way'. That's how I feel now that the sadness is fading away.

    Your friendship is a blessing to me thank you both!

  4. Shanyn; making this decision is the thing that helps us to learn to live beyond that broken place; its where we find our power and our passion! Its great to see you speaking up about your journey and in doing so someone somewhere will see your courage and that they could do it too.

    Rock on Shanyn!


  5. I just wrote a poem about this!

    My Choice
    I know you cannot understand
    The things I am trying to explain.
    I never meant in seeking out
    To wound or cause you pain –
    But I had to face the truth.

    I have no urge to unearth graves
    To point out every fault
    But to the twisted, evil lies
    I had to call a halt -
    And look for the truth.

    I’m grateful for the good things
    That you gave me through those years.
    I know that there was blessing there
    Amongst the pain and fear -
    But I left the terror.

    I’ve never sought to judge your heart
    Or those deeds so long ago,
    There were trials in your life too,
    But we all chose seed to sow -
    And I choose life.

    HUGS and PRAYERS my dear, dear friend.
    love you so much,

  6. Zoe, what a wonderful poem, thank you so much for your words and sharing. Hugs, love and prayers!